Glasshouse Maintenance & Cleaning in th UK

BJ Holmes & Co Limited provide maintenance services for your glasshouse to protect your investment, for example we can change broken glass, overhall and lubricate vent gear. Whether constucted by us or others, we will repair and maintain all types of glasshouse structures throughout the UK.

High Pressure Cleaning

We can clean your building to remove algae, moss, dirt and leaves, using powerwashers and brushes and cleaning fluid as applicable. Through this you can gain up to 30% more light which can result in more yield or a brighter more appealing sales area.

Ongoing Maintenance & Repair

Good ongoing maintenance and repair of glasshouses is crucial to no only keeping your investment in excellent condition but is again crucial to protect the performance and efficiency of the contents of your glasshouse or garden centre building.

Our services for repair and maintenance of glasshouses and associated systems and equipment include:

  • Glass Replacement and Structural Repairs
  • Glasshouse Cleaning Services
  • Heating Systems
  • Thermal Screen Installations
  • Irrigation Systems

So if you are looking for the maintenance, cleaning and repair of your glasshouse or garden centre buildings, please contact BJ Holmes on 01995 605185 or 07860 872023.

B J Holmes & Co Ltd