Refurb & Alterations of Glasshouses & Garden Centre Buildings

We can refurbish existing buildings to make them more useable for shops, cafes etc.

We can work with you to change the use of your existing glasshouse or garden centre building so that it can be used for another purpose such as a shop or a cafe. We can alter the layout of your glasshouse, replace glass with compsite panels or polycarbonate sheet or extend the size of your glasshouse or garden centre building to suit your individual requirements for its new use.

We can also supply and install new doors either manual or automatic in various sizes and colours.

We can also maintain your glasshouse so that it remains in excellent condition which can be particularly important when the glasshouse is being used as a shop or a cafe and there are lots of clients who will be entering your premises. We can also replace the roof with a new polycarbonate roof to provide extra safety.

Please contact us on 01995 605185 or 07860 872023 to discuss your requirements for refurbishments or alterations to your glasshouse or garden centre building.

B J Holmes & Co Ltd